I'm Eileen, so nice to meet you! I am a Los Angeles based photographer, passionate about people and a huge fan of love. I truly believe photography is God's gift to me; through it I am able to share life with some of the most amazing people. What a privilege and joy it has been!

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I use way too many exclamation marks, but I'm really just that excited!!!! I want to know what moves your heart. I say "that's so funny" quite a bit, but it can mean a number of things. I am a lover of donuts and tea. I floss every night before bed! I love the idea of being spontaneous, but rarely do things unplanned. I am the youngest of four girls, but I'm taller than all my sisters. I would love to open a cafe someday. I am fascinated by the bridegroom God and his ravished heart for all of humanity

photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    Hello all! : ) Here’s my second Fun Friday Post! If you missed the first one, you can find out what it’s all about here. 


    Carpe Diem. That’s what she taught us, to embrace life, to fully live. I always looked forward to 6th period. Sometimes we’d lie out in the baseball field to write poems, sit in the rain to feel the water droplets fall on our faces, or bite into tangerines to describe what it did to our senses. I miss it so much! This class changed my view of life and so I wanted to do the same for other people. That was when I decided I wanted to become an English teacher, just like the one I had my freshman year of high school.

    I know I’m not the best writer, but I truly enjoy doing it. Only not under pressure. Unfortunately, that was 90% of what was required of me in all the English classes I took at UCLA. I remember those miserable nights when I just COULD NOT write. I started papers weeks before they were due but could never get anything out until the night before! Oh, those long dreadful nights! My entire family and pretty much everyone I talked to knew when my papers were due because I was not fun to be around with. My mom made it a rule that none of my sisters could talk to me during those stressful nights and my parents even encouraged me to turn those papers in late so I wouldn’t be as stressed. Yes, and that’s when my dream of becoming an English teacher faded. It just wasn’t me. My dreams changed, but my passion to inspire and to really live, didn’t.

    Around the same time, the little house church I was attending at UCLA decided to set apart two weeks of our quarter to ask God why he created us. During those two weeks lots of random things happened and the theme of art came up multiple times. I thought this was so interesting because I grew up loving to draw as a little girl. I even took private lessons with a few teachers throughout elementary school and junior high. It was only in high school that I stopped pursuing art, mostly because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the inspiration and creative ability to come up with something new for each piece. But because I believed God was encouraging me to pursue the arts again through the signs I received those two weeks, I decided to take a step of faith.

    That following summer I enrolled in a drawing class at a nearby community college. And loved it! When junior year fall quarter came around I miraculously got into two art classes on campus (The chances of a non-art major getting into one of those classes were slim, but I was picked at random and got in!). I applied for the art major a few months later and was one of the two students who got accepted! I felt like God was giving me one green light after another, opening doors for me, and leading me to where I was supposed to be.

    Because I got into the art major my family bought me my first dslr for my 21st birthday. I was so excited and started documenting everything I did (I have 100+ photo albums on facebook!). While I used to document my life with my point and shoot camera, it was just not the same with my new Canon Rebel XS- it allowed me access and experiment with a whole new level of creativity.  I am lucky to have so many nieces and one nephew to photograph and I started documenting their lives as well. Eventually more and more people suggested I turn my love for photography into a business. About a year later I did! : )

    And right now, photography is my way of embracing life, of seizing the day, of fully living. I’m so excited for where it will take me this coming year! : )


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    1. Jhun/Jhoon says:

      I like it when you write a lot. =]

    2. annie says:

      whoa! thanks for sharing, eileen~ i didn’t know. that’s really cool-what you guys did as PC. so cool that you guys spent the time to ask God & be sensitive to His leading.
      haha, thats how english kinda is for me too. sad times when it’s paper time. and that’s pretty cool that your parents didn’t go all asian parents on you about turning in assignments on time. so supportive! ^^
      yay for us former english majors 🙂 oh ucla…

    3. Jacquelyn says:

      lol.. i remember those english papers

    4. Sophie says:

      wow this was a really nice post. i am so strengthened by your faith Eileen. love to you.

    5. Danni M says:

      Hi Eileen! I just happened to find my way here through facebook’s news feed. I feel like we have a similar sort of story, only it happened in a bit different order for me, but similar sorts of events and feelings! Only I interpret signs from God more like signs from…well I guess we agree, I believe that God is everywhere and everything, and that there are signs and messages around us, we only have to open ourselves up to them. Your spirituality is inspiring. I remember in Advanced painting class that one summer, some people just didn’t get your work because the word “God” threw them off so much. I don’t have to be Christian to see the spirit and the power behind your artwork, or to understand the messages you convey. I wish I hadn’t been such a wallflower at UCLA…I’m only now coming out of my shell =P I’m just getting into photography again after a bit of a dry spell as well. Life is very interesting where it takes you. (and I totally understand about the stress of those papers, and the fear of lack of inspiration.) Take care!!!

      • Eileen says:

        Danni! I don’t know how I never got around to replying to your comment. Hope you’re doing well and still creating pieces! : ) I miss having class with you!

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