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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    What is a “FIRST LOOK” and should you have one?

    Have you heard of a “first look?” What is a “first look,” and why do people set time aside to have one on their wedding day? If you’re asking these questions, then read along! : ) I’ve had several brides ask me what a “first look” is and why it might be good for them. Here are some of the details, and hopefully you’ll find it helpful as you plan for your big day! : )

    Ok… so what is a “first look?”
    Traditionally, the groom is not allowed to see his bride until the ceremony. Some people believe it’s bad luck. Others don’t think it’s a big deal. But I heard the tradition came out of a time when arranged marriages were more common. To ensure the groom didn’t run away after seeing his bride for the first time, they made sure he didn’t get a chance to see what she looked like until the actual ceremony! So interesting huh?! Even though things are a bit different in our time (I hope!), some people still choose to keep that tradition. It is a special moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time, as she walks down the aisle! : )

    The “first look” however, is another option. If you choose to have one, this happens before the ceremony. Right after the bride steps into her dress, we set aside 10-15min for the bride and groom to be alone. The groom is placed at a beautiful location and waits until the bride sneaks up from behind. I love capturing the emotions of that moment when the groom turns to see his bride for the very first time in her wedding dress! : ) During that time, some couples also exchange gifts, pray together, or simply remind each other to enjoy the moment.

    Now that you know what a “first look” is, why have one?
    1) Your wedding day will be a crazy day! Having a “first look” gives you a quiet moment together before the craziness goes into full swing!
    2) They make for beautiful photographs! The “first look” is an intimate moment when a couple expresses all the joy and anticipation of the wedding day. Whether it comes in the form of laughter or tears, it’s a wonderful moment to capture.
    3) It helps with your wedding day schedule! Instead of rushing bridal party pictures, bride and groom portraits, and family photos all after the ceremony, you can take care of some of it before and not be as rushed after you’re married. This helps especially if you are having a ceremony later in the day.
    4) Some brides feel much calmer after seeing their groom and vice versa.

    And finally, here are two “first looks” from my latest weddings. They are some of the sweetest moments from the day! : )

    Jeff and Lisa-Anne see each other for the first time:
    Lots of happy tears for Albert and Emily!

    So, will you do a “first look?”

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    1. J Mats says:

      errrmaggah crying weepy at work!

    2. Tanisha says:

      The pictures of Emily and Albert gave me chills! Beautifully done .

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