I'm Eileen, so nice to meet you! I am a Los Angeles based photographer, passionate about people and a huge fan of love. I truly believe photography is God's gift to me; through it I am able to share life with some of the most amazing people. What a privilege and joy it has been!

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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


I use way too many exclamation marks, but I'm really just that excited!!!! I want to know what moves your heart. I say "that's so funny" quite a bit, but it can mean a number of things. I am a lover of donuts and tea. I floss every night before bed! I love the idea of being spontaneous, but rarely do things unplanned. I am the youngest of four girls, but I'm taller than all my sisters. I would love to open a cafe someday. I am fascinated by the bridegroom God and his ravished heart for all of humanity

photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    It happened in November of 2000- over 10 years ago, but I still remember everything so clearly. We had just finished dinner at the time and decided to take a stroll down the streets of New York to walk off what we just ate. It was a beautiful night, really. The streets were as empty as NY streets could be and we still had some time together before I needed to head back.

    I was bundled up in my scarf and coat, trying to keep warm from the biting cold. Some girls like it when it’s a bit chilly outside because it gives them rosie cheeks, but Oh! I was extremely grateful when the the idea to grab hot chocolate came up.  It wasn’t long before we came across a Dunkin’ Donuts shop and I quickly stepped in to let the warmth of that little store cover me. It felt so good.

    We ordered one hot chocolate to share and I couldn’t wait to let that hot liquid-y goodness fill the inside of me. When it was my turn to drink, I embraced the cup like an old friend and started sipping away…sipping and slurping, sipping and- what was that? There was a chunk of something there and thinking it was a chunk of chocolate maybe? I tried to suck it up. When that didn’t work, I puckered up my lips and tried once more, this time with a little more force. But no, that piece of chocolate still wouldn’t let me have it…why?!

    Confused, I looked down at the cup I was holding. More specifically, where I had been sipping. At the tip of that cup, at that very edge, was NOT a piece of chocolate, but a…are you ready for this?…a cockroach! A COCKROACH!

    Yes, that’s right. My first kiss went to a dead cockroach…

    My sisters and I screamed..and screamed! I spit out all the spit in my mouth and put a bunch of gum in its place, hoping it could and would erase everything…how it felt, what it tasted like, even the memories! Oh, but to this day the memories are very much alive. But now I am thankful for these memories, because I get to share them with you! : )

    (…come to think of it, since when did they have chocolate chunks in hot chocolate?! I should have known better…)

    Happy Friday! And Happy early Valentine’s Day! : )

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    2. Tim says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Hillarious 🙂

    3. Sophie says:

      oh…. my…. goddd.d.d.d..d.d.d.d.

    4. nina says:

      eileen… are you sure you want to share this?! what would your future husband think???? HAHAH

    5. angela says:

      hahahaha oh my gosh so grosss!!!! Yea in retrospect, probably should have looked first NOW!

    6. Angelina says:

      Omgoodness! Lol I was so hooked in the beginning of this story and thought it was going to be very romantic. Haha you totally fooled me.

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