I'm Eileen, so nice to meet you! I am a Los Angeles based photographer, passionate about people and a huge fan of love. I truly believe photography is God's gift to me; through it I am able to share life with some of the most amazing people. What a privilege and joy it has been!

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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


I use way too many exclamation marks, but I'm really just that excited!!!! I want to know what moves your heart. I say "that's so funny" quite a bit, but it can mean a number of things. I am a lover of donuts and tea. I floss every night before bed! I love the idea of being spontaneous, but rarely do things unplanned. I am the youngest of four girls, but I'm taller than all my sisters. I would love to open a cafe someday. I am fascinated by the bridegroom God and his ravished heart for all of humanity

photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    Family Session with the Chius!

    Let me introduce you to the Chius everyone! They’re fun and super bright and we had the best session together : ) I was so excited to finally meet this family after hearing so many good things about them and how cute their children are. Yes, they are indeed awesome and the two little ones are SO much fun! : )

    I love it when parents switch off, one hopping into the picture and the other dancing, making funny noises and silly faces, whatever it takes to get the kiddies’ attention. Great teamwork guys! : )

    Beautiful family, I know! : )

    And now just the parents…I love this part : )

    The youngest member of the Chius was just learning how to walk and I’m so glad I was able to capture this moment for the family!

    Thanks for reading! : )

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