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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    Maternity Shoot with The Durretts!

    Make-up and hair by Cherry Le.
    The Durrett’s are expecting a baby this Spring! Hip-hip-hooray! : )
    Cheryl and Dustan are the perfect pair. I had so much fun getting to know them during our maternity session. Cheryl is petite and super cute pregnant. When I first met her over the phone I automatically fell in love with her Australian accent and spunky personality. Her husband Dustan is tall and really funny. I love the way he made Cheryl laugh the whole time we were together…you guys are going to be such fun parents! : )
    How fun that Cheryl blends right into these blossoms with her flowery shirt!
    They’re really so much fun : )
    We stopped to take a picture every time we spotted trees that reminded them of Australia. The two of them visit every year, because all of Cheryl’s family are still living there. And you might be wondering what’s on top of Cheryl’s head and over Dustan’s neck…why, it’s just these fun accessories from their baby shower! Of course, it was Dustan’s idea to put them on!
    We ended our shoot with a few fun props that Cheryl and Dustan brought along. Since we weren’t allowed to bring them into the Arboretum we saved them for the very end, outside the park. By the way, the Durretts are not expecting twins! They decided to keep the gender of their baby a surprise so they brought a “It’s a GIRL!” and a “It’s a BOY!” balloon! How fun is that?!
    These are the two names they picked out..I wonder which one it will be?!
    While I was talking these pictures with Cheryl, Dustan knocked out in the back..poor guy. You were such a good sport, Dustan!
    Thank you for such a wonderful shoot, Cheryl and Dustan! I can’t wait to meet your little one in April! : )

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    1. judy says:

      great shots! i esp love the one of them on the funky tree and the ones w/ the balloons!

    2. Love how you captured their joy and excitement in your pictures! especially love the ones in the bamboo forest =)

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