I'm Eileen, so nice to meet you! I am a Los Angeles based photographer, passionate about people and a huge fan of love. I truly believe photography is God's gift to me; through it I am able to share life with some of the most amazing people. What a privilege and joy it has been!

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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


I use way too many exclamation marks, but I'm really just that excited!!!! I want to know what moves your heart. I say "that's so funny" quite a bit, but it can mean a number of things. I am a lover of donuts and tea. I floss every night before bed! I love the idea of being spontaneous, but rarely do things unplanned. I am the youngest of four girls, but I'm taller than all my sisters. I would love to open a cafe someday. I am fascinated by the bridegroom God and his ravished heart for all of humanity

photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    Catherine + Victor ENGAGED!

    Catherine and Victor are ENGAGED! : ) I am so excited for these two and feel incredibly blessed to be their wedding photographer. Cat and Victor met at UCLA (woot!) where they both got involved in an a capella group on campus. It was through those countless hours of practice and frequent trips to Disneyland where Cat and Victor became more than just friends : ) I love that Cat and Victor chose to take part of their engagement pictures at Disneyland- there is so much history for the two of them there! : )

    Cat is outgoing and fun. She makes me laugh with her funny stories and silly comments; I love how there is never a dull moment with her! And Victor. He is gentle and steady, but just as silly as Cat. And I really do admire his thoughtfulness. Ohhh, look at you two! : )

    So I recently found out that Catherine LOVES country songs! How perfect is this little hat she brought along for our shoot?! 

    After an outfit change we headed off to Disneyland!

    Cat and Victor always get churros at Disneyland. This time was no different : ) AND, they bought me one too! Thank you! : )

    Of course we had to take a picture by the castle! Oh, but this was definitely not easy. With SO many people at Disneyland it was almost impossible to get a clean shot without a crowd of people in back, in front, or just walking through the frame. So how did we do it?! We had tried taking this picture earlier in the day, but had quickly given up. Just in case, we tried one more time before leaving the park and was so disappointed to see this area blocked off for a parade. Luckily, we came across a very kind man who was directing guests away from the castle. With a gentle nod and a wink (actually, I don’t know if he winked…it just seemed like he should have or something!) he let us sneak in to get the shots we needed. Thank you Jesus!! : )

    Thank you for a wonderful shoot, Cat and Victor! I really enjoyed hanging out and just getting to know you guys better! Oh yes, and thank you so much for the delicious churro and fancy dinner. I can’t wait for your wedding in July! : )

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    1. Phoebe says:

      What a BEAUTIFUL couple! Leen your photos are getting more and more amazing every time!

    2. Jhoon says:

      Aww yay, my favorite couple. The Disneyland ones turned out great! They’re all so cute! haha. The full shot of the house pic is awesome. Great job, leen!

    3. Jessica Cheng says:

      i was about to say the same thing as phoebe! you are improving so much eileen, and i didn’t even think you needed improving cause your pictures already seemed so awesome! this couple is sooo cute. love their outfits :O) and i like how they bought you a churro too ahaha

    4. Margaret says:

      Great shots, Eileen! So nice to see your progress. ;D

    5. Janet Lin says:

      HAHAH i LOVEEEE THE RING ON THE CHURRO PIC!! its such a funny and creative idea. :))

      and esp the last shot of the castle. perfect!

    6. ben says:

      Wow, great shots leen!

    7. Teresa says:

      WOW! I wish you took our engagement photos! These are amazing! I love all of them! The Disney ones are so great! The ones in nature are so beautiful, too!

    8. ginger says:

      ahhh they look so good. good job eileen

    9. tiffany says:

      this sure is more fun than 18th century photography!

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