I'm Eileen, so nice to meet you! I am a Los Angeles based photographer, passionate about people and a huge fan of love. I truly believe photography is God's gift to me; through it I am able to share life with some of the most amazing people. What a privilege and joy it has been!

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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


I use way too many exclamation marks, but I'm really just that excited!!!! I want to know what moves your heart I say "that's so funny" quite a bit, but it can mean a number of things I am a lover of donuts and tea I floss every night before bed! I love the idea of being spontaneous, but it's hard for me to actually do things unplanned I am the youngest of four girls, but I'm taller than all my sisters I would love to open a cafe someday I am fascinated by the bridegroom God and his ravished heart for all of humanity

photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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Guess what?! It’s Eileen Liu Photography’s 1st birthday and so we must celebrate! : )

As promised, I am here to announce the WINNER to my photoshoot giveaway! I wanted to do something fun for the choosing of the winner and thought baking cupcakes would be appropriate since it’s also a celebration! Here is Gwen helping me out, cutting up all the names of those who participated. Meanwhile, I put together the funfetti mix and prepared for the cupcakes…

We filled the cupcakes in halfway and Gwen picked 12 names out of the clutch to place inside each cupcake (isn’t that fun?!). I promise, she kept her eyes closed as she chose the names, folded them real tiny (still with her eyes closed!), and placed these names into the batter. Then we put in more of the mix and filled the cupcakes up!

I loved waiting for these cupcakes to bake. A sweet smell filled the kitchen as the timer continued and then finally, they were finished! After putting on some cream cheese frosting, it was time to eat! Gwen picked a random cupcake and took a big bite…yup, she ended up eating the piece of paper, but we were able to rescue it and reveal the winner…

JESSICA LOCKIE!! Congrats, Jessica! : ) I will be in contact with you soon.

To everyone else who participated, THANK YOU!! I loved reading your comments and truly appreciate your support! : ) Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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  1. Jhun/Jhoon
    October 9, 2011 at 1:43 am

    ahh, this is so cool and creative! love it! and congrats to Jessica!

  2. Jessica Lockie
    October 9, 2011 at 4:32 am

    Oh my gosh!!! Really??? This is amazing!!! God is so good!!! My fiance and I are so blessed!! We got engaged on Aug 31st! I’m so excited Eileen! You are an amazing photographer and I pray God continues to bless your business!

  3. Janet Lin
    October 9, 2011 at 8:41 am

    HAHAHAHA what a funny and creative idea!!! and congrats jessica!

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