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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography


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photo by Shelley Paulson Photography

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    Hannah and Jeremiah MARRIED!

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    Since I posted on Jeremiah and Hannah’s sweet proposal in February and fun engagement session in March, I’m sure everyone was looking forward to seeing pictures from their wedding day. Well, I am happy to say that I have some to share with you today! : )

    Jeremiah and Hannah, also known as Hannamiah (one of our friends mentioned Hannahmiah sounds like it could be a book in the Bible… SO TRUE! hahaha), became Mr. and Mrs. Choi last month. Because I was part of the wedding party I was only able to capture moments before and after the wedding, and even then, not as much as I had wanted. Oh believe me, I was TORN between getting the perfect shots and helping Hannah with whatever she needed.

    Hannah and Jeremiah’s wedding was such a unique one. They both value community so much that they decided to have their big day up in Big Bear where family and friends could stay the whole weekend. There was so much love going around and seeing everyone help out with putting the wedding together (literally) brought so much joy! Everything was so beautiful…

    and now, the big day! We were blessed with many, many, talented family and friends to take care of all our needs- thank you so much….us girls felt pampered! : )

    Hannah, you look beautiful..so so so beautiful (Great job on the hair and make-up Cherry Le!). So here we are, off for Hannah and Jeremiah’s first look!

    Following the wedding ceremony, which was SO BEAUTIFUL (I think everyone was in tears from beginning to end), was the banquet. Jeremiah’s cousin Deborah did most of the planning and everything was just so perfect. 

    Hannamiah, along with their family members, served the guests dinner. What a powerful act of love. 

    Wow, what a magical weekend it was. The newlyweds have since then been visiting family and will be leaving for Korea tomorrow. I am going to miss them SO much, but know that there is nothing but GREAT things ahead of them. Korea, you better take good care of these two! : ) Hannah and Jeremiah, love you two so so much. Bless you as you go!

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    1. Andrea says:

      The location seems beautiful!

    2. Sophie says:

      I love those pictures of Hannah getting ready! Her lashes look perfect in the one where her eyes are closed.

    3. Lisa Furumoto says:

      SO SO SO THANKFUL you could share these since I was unable to make it! Ahh Eileen these brought tears to my eyes! 🙂

    4. irene yu says:

      beautiful pictures eileen 🙂

    5. Tiffa Lu says:


    6. Annie says:

      love, dude.

    7. Phoebe says:

      AHHHH Congratulations to Hannah and Jeremiah! When I saw them together, I just knew they were meant to be!

    8. Grace Fang says:

      Sweetest couple. you can totally feel the love in the community! And I love that they served their guests… what servant hearts!

    9. Jessica Lockie says:

      I love the homemade touches that they incorporated into the decor, great job!

    10. Laisa Cheang says:

      i loved their wedding!

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